4 Tips on How to Care for an Anxious Pet

Just like humans, dogs and cats can sometimes feel anxious. Whether they are just an extra sensitive soul, suffer from some sort of trauma, or have had a ruff life so far, there are plenty of reasons why your pup or kitten may seem a little more stressed.

Like taking care of a child, being a pet parent comes with its own set of responsibilities. Our mission? Doing everything we can to keep our furry pals as chill and content as possible!

Here are a few easy steps you can take to make your life easier, by making their lives better.

1. Implement an exercise routine

Have you ever noticed how exercising, even if it’s just going for a 15-minute walk, makes you feel instantly better? Dogs are the same. Going for one or two brisk walks every day will make them healthier and happier, and will also help them relax and sleep better at night. And because they can’t walk themselves, you also get your workout in for the day. It’s a win-win!

2. Create a nice chill-out area just for them

Make sure they have a cozy and familiar place where they can relax. Maybe in your bedroom, or in the kitchen where they can see you and hear your voice. Get a few blankets, some toys, and of course, our beautiful Zen Nest (*wink wink*), and maybe even play some calming music. Your dog or cat will be forever grateful.

3. Avoid forcing them into stressful situations

If you know that your pup or kitten isn’t a fan of a specific place, person, or experience, try to avoid those situations. Unless it’s something super important (like going to the vet), try and swap it for some other activity you know your pet will enjoy. If they don’t feel comfortable around loud children or aren’t big fans of long car rides, do your best to understand them and make them feel safe.

4. Try giving them a relaxing massage

There are plenty of online videos teaching pet massage techniques. Massages are great for relaxing the muscles, reducing stress and anxiety, improving body functions (like blood circulation and digestion), and helping rehabilitate and reduce pain - and our Self-Cleaning Brush is the perfect tool for this! Massages are also a great way to strengthen your relationship with your pets. Plus, studies show that petting a dog or cat can help calm your own nerves. Again, what a great win-win situation!

If none of these things help, make sure you talk to your vet about your pet’s anxiety. A professional opinion is always important, and sometimes anxiety can come from an underlying health problem or can only be treated with medicine or supplements.

Having a furry companion is an extremely rewarding experience. They really are our best friends, always ready to give us love and listen to us go on and on about our own lives. It's up to us to reciprocate the love and calm they bring into our lives.

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