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The Self-Cleaning Brush

If brushing your cat is messy, time-consuming, and neither of you enjoy it — our brush will make your life so much easier!

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Voted Best Cat Brush 2023

The process of removing loose hairs, dander, and dust from your pet's fur is about to become a whole lot easier.

If brushing your cat or dog always:

❌ Gets fur all over your clothes and furniture
❌ Turns into a lengthy and messy process
❌ Hurts your fingers and wrists
❌ Triggers your allergy symptoms

Or looks like this 👇🏻 ... We want to help you change that!

Your grooming sessions just got waaaaay easier

All the practicality, none of the hassle. No more messy, lengthy, and painful - for you and for them - grooming time. Plus, our durable, comfort-grip design prevents slipping and won't strain your wrist.

With fine wire bristles that are slightly bent, our Self-Cleaning Brush is able to go deep into your pet’s undercoat all while being gentle on their sensitive skin. No scratches or irritation, just a whole lot of relaxation (hey, that rhymed!)

Some of the benefits you will experience:

🤍 Effortless grooming experience
🧹 Floors, furniture & clothes fur-free
✋🏻 No more hairballs
😻 Your cat finally enjoying being brushed
🐈 Helps get rid of allergies related to cat hair

Get your Self-Cleaning Brush now before they sell out (again)

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We've Got You Covered!

All you have to do is brush through your pet's fur, press the button, and dispose of the excess hair. Then repeat!

Thanks to the automatic button, cleanups are a breeze - the brush is instantly fur-free and ready for your next grooming session 👌🏻

Brushing your cat or dog on a regular basis will help reduce the large amounts of excess and loose hair they tend to carry.

Additionally, this will also help keep your floors, furniture, and clothes fur-free. Get ready to wave those pesky hairballs goodbye 👋🏻

If you share your home with a feline friend and you find yourself suffering from symptoms like a runny nose, skin rashes or itching, chances are you may actually suffer from pet related allergies 🤧

Regularly brushing through your cat’s fur helps get rid of allergens like dander (dead skin), loose hairs, and dust, and avoids having them circulating in the air or settling into furniture and bedding, thus keeping your home a sneeze-free zone!

Yes! Our Self-Cleaning Brush works on every type of fur, no matter how long or how short it is. Ok, maybe it wouldn't really be necessary for a Sphynx cat but hey, they'd probably still appreciate the gentle massage!

The Self-Cleaning Brush is also perfect for cats (and dogs) of any size! 🐈

Some cats loooove being brushed. Others, not so much.

We, of course, had this in mind when creating our Self-Cleaning Brush. With fine wire bristles that are coated and slightly bent inward, you are able to go deep into your pet’s undercoat all while being extra gentle on their sensitive skin.

Your cat will be like: "Is it grooming? Is it a massage? Hmm, I'm not sure, but it's not sooo bad. A little to the right, please. A little more. Yeah, that's what I'm meowing about".

It will actually feel like a relaxing spa session, we promise! 🧖🏻‍♀️

Absolutely! In fact, we're pretty sure it would also work on lions, although we're not very keen on putting that theory to the test.

In all seriousness, our Self-Cleaning Brush will work on dogs and cats of any size, with short, medium, or long fur. It's the brush we use on our own Beagle pup and he is obsessed! 🐶

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