5 Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Dog Happier

If you ask us, one of the best feelings in the world is coming home to an excited, tail-wagging pup who misses us like crazy (even if we’ve only been gone for a few hours). No matter how long we’re away, there is nothing like knowing that, at the end of the day, someone who loves us unconditionally is (in)patiently waiting for us to come back.

They make us happy so it’s only fair we try to do the same for them, right? Here are five simple ways to make your dog a little happier today.

1. Spend quality time with them

This first tip may sound pretty obvious, but with being at work all day and trying to keep a social life as well as a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine, sometimes our furry friends can get left behind. Make sure that spending quality time with your pet is a priority. Just like with any other relationship, investing time and passion into spending time together is crucial. Working on creating and maintaining a strong bond with your dog is very important and will make both of you happier.

2. Get some exercise

We can’t stress this enough. Making sure that your pet (or pets - yay!) gets their daily dose of exercise is so important. Grab your running shoes and take them to the park, or work up a sweat with a 30-minute walk. Not only will exercising help maintain healthy bones and muscles, but it’s also great to de-stress and relax after a long day. Life as a dog can be stressful too, we’re sure!

3. Brain stimulation

Have your dog play with a stimulating toy, learn new tricks, or visit new places where everything feels exciting. Making sure that you’re stimulating your dog is key if you want a happy and relaxed dog. Healthy mind and healthy body = happy doggo.

4. Create a safe, healthy environment

Just like you enjoy coming home to a nice bedroom, a comfy couch, and an overall relaxing space, your dog does too! Here at The Mutt Studio, your dog’s relaxation is our number one priority. Our Zen Nest is the perfect option if you want to treat your furry best friend. It’s so soft and cozy that you’ll probably want one for yourself.

5. Social interaction

Dogs are social creatures who crave contact with other animals and humans. Maybe giving puppy school a try or taking your dog to a doggy daycare could help them let loose and stop missing you too much during the day.

And there you go - five simple tips that you can start incorporating or keep working on to make sure your pup is as happy as possible. Remember - a happy dog makes for an even more awesome companion. So let's make sure those tails keep on waggin' and those hearts stay bursting with joy!

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