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The Zen Nest For Cats

A premium bed that will instantly help your cat feel calmer and more relaxed. Designed with their well-being in mind.

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😻 Provides instant relief to anxious cats
🤍 Extra supportive for painful joints & muscles
💧 Fully detachable & easy to wash
☁️ Perfect for every season

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Voted Best Pet Bed 2021

Our Zen Nest was specially created to ease your cat's anxiety and help them achieve a state of absolute relaxation. It’s so soft you’ll probably want one for yourself too (we won’t judge you).

Crafted with extra soft cotton that mimics the cozy hug of a mother's fur coat, your furry friend will instantly feel less anxious and happier!

Dog-Paw Eases Anxiety - No more sleepless nights or scary alone time when you leave for work. Our Zen Nest has a raised rim that helps your cat feel safe. They will feel calmer, cozy, and warm while they wait for you to come back.

Dog-Paw Extra Comfort - Get ready to introduce your kitten to the softest, warmest, comfiest bed ever. Great for cold and warm weather, but especially perfect for those extra chilly winter nights. Made from are-you-kidding-how-is-this-so-soft cotton that adapts to your furry friend’s body temperature, making sure that they won’t feel too cold or too hot while in dreamland ever again.

Sleeping Dog

Dog-Paw Improved Health - Better sleep will contribute to reducing your cat's anxiety, which will lead to a healthier and longer life. Our Zen Nests are also perfect for older cats and those who suffer from painful joints and muscles (from years of living a beautiful life filled with so many adventures).

Dog-Paw Easy To Clean - A handy zipper has been added to our Zen Nests to make the washing/cleaning process easier. All you have to do is detach the cover and throw it in the washing machine, to get rid of funky smells and excess fur. It can then go in the dryer but we usually prefer to let it air dry in the shade. Squeaky clean and good as new!

Dog Bed

Dog-Paw Modern Design - Our Zen Nest comes in a variety of colors so you can make sure that it matches your home’s décor. Want one in your bedroom? Sure! Another one so they can keep you company in the kitchen while you make dinner? You got it!

Dog-PawNon-Slip Bottom:


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🐾 Small: for kittens and smaller cats;
🐾 Medium: most adult cats will fit perfectly in a medium;
🐾 Large: the ideal choice if you have multiple furry friends who enjoy sleeping together.

Zen Nest Details:“Cat

Note: Please keep in mind that this size chart is for reference only and that, since each Zen Nest is unique, sizes may slightly vary.

Our Zen Nests are made of 100% cotton, which explains why they are the coziest, fluffiest, most incredible beds in the world! 💤

We do, and pups love these beds! We also have bigger sizes, up to 2XL. You can find them here! 🐶

We heard your feedback and we’re proud to say we delivered! Our Zen Nests now come with a zipper and are fully detachable, so you can easily separate both parts and wash only the outer layer.

All you have to do is detach the cover and throw it in the washing machine, to get rid of funky smells and excess fur. After that, it can go in the drier, but we recommend letting it air dry in the shade. Squeaky clean and good as new! 🙌🏻

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